Getting LinkedIn|你今天『领英』了吗?

Getting LinkedIn

by Aaron Andrews

Will you get LinkedIn or be left out?

  You have posted your face on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, and even Instagrammed pictures of your breakfast for the world to enjoy. But have you linked in to the business community on LinkedIn? If you haven't, you are _(1)_ the world's largest business-oriented social network with over 300 million users, three million participating international companies, and the tools to empower you to find your dream job and advance your career.

  LinkedIn was _(2)_ in 2003 with the simple goal of helping businesses connect with the talented people they needed. Employers post job openings and employees post _(3)_. However, LinkedIn is not simply another job hunting site. LinkedIn lets hopeful applicants research companies before they apply and even chat with people currently working at these places. These powerful innovations in the job-hunting market are why LinkedIn has two new members signing _(4)_ every second.

  While Facebook members focus on finding friends and Twitter users gather more followers, the goal after _(5)_ your LinkedIn profile is to make business connections. After selecting your field of work, study, or interest, you connect with like-minded career people who can introduce you to companies or colleagues who can share their knowledge, advice, and help. As you expand your contacts, you gain access to resources that can improve your professional skills and help you _(6)_ your ideal job opportunity.

  As the old saying _(7)_, "It is not what you know but who you know." Climbing the career ladder just got easier, but if you are not LinkedIn, you may be left out.

1. (A) fitting in with (B) missing out on (C) putting up with (D) looking up to

2. (A) launched (B) polished (C) witnessed (D) disguised

3. (A) errands (B) themes (C) restrictions (D) résumés

4. (A) out (B) away (C) up (D) off

5. (A) filling in (B) picking on (C) bragging about (D) filtering out

6. (A) charge (B) gesture (C) locate (D) inhabit

7. (A) takes (B) moves (C) carries (D) goes




  你曾经在脸书上发布有着你脸孔的照片、在推特上推文,甚至在 Instagram 放上你的早餐照片来让全世界的人欣赏。但你曾在领英(LinkedIn)上和企业界连系吗?如果还没有,那你就错过了全球最具规模的商业导向社群网站了,它拥有超过三亿名用户、三百万家国际企业参与,以及能让你找到梦想职业与精进职涯的工具。

  领英于 2003 年所推行,它的目标很简单,就是要帮助企业联系到它们所需要的优秀人才。雇主刊登职缺,求职者则张贴履历表。然而,领英不仅仅是另一个求职网站而已。领英让那些抱持希望的应征者在申请前先研究公司,甚至是与目前正在这些公司工作的人做交流。这些在求职市场上强而有力的创新发明,正是领英为何能在每一秒就有两名新会员注册的原因。




答案: 1. B 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. A

6. C 7. D




Getting LinkedIn|你今天『领英』了吗?