The sun was high when I woke up. I guessed it was after eight o'clock. I lay there in the grass and cool shade. I felt comfortable and satisfied there. A couple of squirrels sat on a branch and spoke to me. I was too lazy to cook breakfast. Then I thought I heard a loud sound "Boom!" way up the river. Soon I heard it again. I went to see what it was. I saw a ferryboat that was full of people. They were firing a cannon over the water and were trying to make my body come up to the top of the water. I was very hungry then, but it was dangerous to make a fire to cook. I thought,"If they see the smoke on the island, they will come and catch me."

  They floated loaves of bread for the drowned body. I waited at the water's edge for the bread to come. After a while a big loaf came along, but I missed it. When the second loaf came near the shore where I was, I got it with a long stick. Then I sat down on a log among the leaves and began to eat it while watching the ferryboat. When the boat came very close to the island, I could see everybody on it─Daddy, Judge Thatcher, and Tom Sawyer, and his old Aunt Polly. They were watching carefully to find my body somewhere on the shore. When the boat went out of sight, I felt I was all right.

  I got my things out of the canoe and made a kind of tent with the blankets. I caught a catfish and cooked it. It was a very big catfish. When it got dark, I started my campfire and had supper. Then I caught some more fish for breakfast. But by and by I got lonesome. So I went to the bank and counted the stars and drifting logs and rafts that came down, and then I went to sleep.

  I did the same thing for three days and three nights. On the fourth day I decided to explore the island. I found plenty of ripe strawberries. At first I thought I was deep in the woods, but I wasn't far from the shore of the island. Although I had my gun along, I shot nothing. Once I almost stepped on a big snake. It went away slithering off through the bushes. I ran after it and came to a place where there were ashes of a campfire. It was still smoking.

  I was very surprised to find it there. I looked around and listened carefully, but I saw nobody around. When I got back to my camp, I didn't feel safe. Then I got everything into the canoe again. I put out the fire and scattered the ashes around.

  I climbed one of the trees and stayed there for two hours, but I saw nothing.

 At last I got down, but I stayed in the thick woods and I was on the lookout all the time. I was very hungry because I had only had berries to eat all day. So when it was dark, I started to cook supper in the woods.
  I said to myself, "I have to stay here all night." Just then I heard somebody coming along. I put back everything in the canoe. I slept in it that night, but I couldn't sleep well.

  As soon as the morning came, I went back to the place where I had heard the sound of footsteps. I went slowly and looked out through the leaves. To my surprise, it was Jim! Jim was Miss Watson's black boy. I never thought I would see him in such a place.
  "Hello, Jim!" I said. When he saw me, he bounced up and looked at me with his mouth open. "Oh, don't hurt me. I haven't done anything bad to ghosts. You're Huck's ghost,aren't you? Please go away," said Jim. So I told him how I came to the island. At last he understood. I was so glad to be with him. I wasn't lonesome anymore. 

  Then I said, "Let's cook something for breakfast. Let's make a good campfire."
  "What is the use of making a campfire? To cook strawberries? You have a gun, and we can get something better than strawberries," said Jim. "I came here the night after you were killed. I haven't had anything to eat since then." So we went over to my canoe, and while Jim was building a fire, I brought some cornmeal, bacon and coffee, as well as the coffee pot and the frying pan.

  I caught a big catfish. Jim cleaned it with his knife. When breakfast was ready, we sat on the grass and ate it. Jim was so hungry that he had two cups of coffee, three pieces of fish and a lot of bacon and corn bread.
"Huck, who was it that killed you in the cabin?" Jim asked as soon as he finished eating.
  I told him the truth. Then I asked him, did you come here?" He didn't say anything for a minute, but then he said, "Never tell this to anybody. In fact, I ran off. The other day, a slave trader came to Miss Watson. I knew she was going to sell me to him. So I decided to run off. I came here in the boat which I stole". His eyes were full of tears. When I told him that I didn't blame him, he looked happy.

  I wanted to go and look at a place in the middle of the island. So we went out to the place. Soon we arrived at the place, because the island was only three miles long and a quarter of a mile wide. This place was a very long steep hill about forty feet high. The sides of the hill were so steep, and the bushes were so thick that we had a hard time getting to the top.
  There we found a cavern which was large enough for two rooms. Jim could stand in it. He said, "Let's bring in our things from the canoe. Here we will never be found. Without dogs, they will never find us. By the way, it looks like rain. Young birds are flying low. We had better bring our things here at once."

  So we went down to the place where the canoe was hidden. Jim carried all the things we had. I took some fish off the lines and began to get ready for supper. There was a flat space near the door of the cavern. It was a good place to build a fire, so we cooked dinner there.
  We spread the blankets inside, and ate our dinner there. Soon it got dark and began to rain. The wind blew hard, too.

  "This home of ours is really comfortable, Jim. Pass me another piece of fish and some hot corn bread," I said.