Health Comes First

Smoking is bad in that it is harmful to one's health. In spite of the fact that doctors have even warned that it causes cancer, people still keep on smoking.
  In some Western countries, however, people are beginning to kick the bad habit. They realize that health should come first. To help them quit smoking, there are laws against cigarette advertising and smoking in public places. This is praiseworthy except that Western countries are now selling cigarettes in the East in greater numbers than ever. That they are doing this is immoral, don't you think?

  抽烟不好, 因为它有害健康。尽管医师甚至已经警告说抽烟会致癌, 但人们还是照抽不误。
  然而, 在一些西方国家中, 人们开始戒除这个坏习惯。他们了解健康应该重于一切。为了帮助他们戒烟, 法律明文规定在公共场所禁止做香烟广告与吸烟。此举值得赞许, 但美中不足的是西方国家现在卖往东方的香烟达到空前的数量。他们这么做是不道德的, 您不觉得吗