Anything for a Kiss

Martin and Sally have just watched Thai boxing. (M=Martin; S=Sally)
M : How did you like the fight, Sally?
S : I found it not only too violent but also very brutal.
M : You're right. It's amazing how the fighters can take not only the punching but all the kicking as well. I wouldn't be able to handle it.
S : Oh, don't be so modest, Martin.
M : No, really. I wouldn't fight one of those tough guys for all the money in the world.
S : Would you do it for a kiss?
M : That's a different story. Sure, I will. But you've got to pay in advance. (Martin tries to kiss Sally.)
S : No, please don't. I was only kidding.

马丁:你觉得那场格斗如何, 莎莉?
莎莉:我发觉那种比赛不只是过分暴力, 而且还非常残忍。
马丁:你说的没错。那些拳击手怎么有办法承受所有的拳打脚踢, 真是令人觉得不可思议。我可没办法挨上这么几下。
莎莉:哦, 别那么谦虚嘛, 马丁。
马丁:不, 是真的。就算是给我天底下的钱我也不会和这些硬汉中的任何一个打。
马丁:那又另当别论了。当然, 我会。但是你要先付款。(马丁试着要亲莎莉。)
莎莉:不, 拜托不要。我只是在开玩笑。