A Heavy Price to Pay

Tom's father died of lung cancer. He couldn't stop smoking. He tried quitting several times. However, whenever he saw someone smoking, he couldn't resist lighting up. In the end, he gave up trying. It was no use stopping one day and starting again the next. He enjoyed smoking too much. He certainly paid a heavy price, though.

  汤姆的父亲死于肺癌。他无法戒烟。他尝试戒了几次。不过, 每当他看到有人抽烟时, 他就无法抗拒要点根烟。最后, 他放弃了尝试。因为一天停下来, 第二天又开始是没有用的。他太喜欢抽烟了。不过, 他也的确付出了惨重的代价。