The Greatest Killers

Alcohol and cigarettes are the two greatest killers in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of these two social evils. As a result, some governments are trying to control the use of these drugs. For example, in many countries, the legal age for drinking has been raised from eighteen to twenty-one. Some countries have even banned smoking in public places. People can help each other live longer by simply discouraging these bad habits.

  酒和烟是全世界最大的两个杀手。有数十万计的人死于这两种有害于社会的东西。因此, 有些政府正设法控制这些麻醉剂的使用。例如, 在许多国家中, 喝酒的合法年龄已从十八岁提高为二十一岁。有些国家甚至禁止在公共场所抽烟。而人们只要劝别人改掉这些坏习惯, 就可以帮助彼此活得久一点。