Garbage disposal is a major problem in most cities around the world. Finding places for garbage is getting more and more difficult.Recycling is, therefore, becoming very popular. In other words, more and more people are treating used material so that it can be reused. There is no doubt that recycling helps save our precious natural resources. It is in our own best interest to recycle.

  垃圾处理在世界各地的大部分城市里是个大问题。寻找垃圾处理场越来越困难了。因此, 资源回收变得很普遍。换言之, 越来越多人在处理使用过的东西以便重新加以利用。毫无疑问, 资源回收有助于节省珍贵的自然资源。资源回收对我们是最有利的。