If I Were a Millionaire

What would you do if you were a millionaire? Many people would buy a house or travel the world. As for me, I would start a school. If I had a school, I would be able to educate many children and teach them right from wrong. Anyone will tell you that children are a country's future. If my dream comes true, I will be very happy because I will be doing my country a good service.

  你若是百万富翁, 你会怎么做?许多人会买幢房子或到世界各地旅行。至于我, 我会办一所学校。如果我有一所学校, 我就可以教育许多小孩并且教他们分辨是非。每个人都会说孩子是国家的未来。我的梦想若实现的话, 我将会很高兴, 因为我将对国家大有贡献。