Blood Types

Some people believe that one's personality is related to one's blood type. There are three main blood types: A, B and O. Type A people are introverts whereas type O people are extroverts. Type B people are a mixture of both A and O. They are more relaxed and don't get bothered easily. When it comes to choosing a spouse, remember some of these facts.

  有些人相信一个人的个性与他的血型有关。一共有三种主要的血型:A 型、B 型及 O 型。A 型人内向而 O 型人则外向。B 型人是 A 型和 O 型的混合, 他们比较轻松自在而且不容易觉得烦。谈到择偶的时候, 切记以上这些事实。