Wait and See

Cliff and Bonnie have known each other for two years. They have talked about getting married since last year. Cliff has already decided that Bonnie is the right girl for him. However, Bonnie has not really made up her mind about him yet. She likes Cliff a lot, but she thinks he's not ambitious enough. Bonnie knows that getting married is a serious matter, so she's going to wait and see before she makes a final decision.

  克里夫和邦妮彼此相识已有两年了。自从去年以来, 他们就在讨论结婚的事。克里夫已经认定邦妮就是适合他的女孩。然而, 邦妮对他尚未打定主意。她很喜欢克里夫, 但是她认为他还不够有抱负。邦妮知道结婚是件严肃的事情, 因此在她下最后决定前, 她将静候观望。