Confucius is respected by most Chinese as the greatest teacher of all time. Perhaps the most important word he taught was "ren, which means "benevolence." According to Confucius, benevolence means courtesy, loyalty and unselfishness. In fact, benevolence is the essence of his teachings. Every teacher should, therefore, follow in his footsteps and emphasize benevolence when teaching.

  孔子被许许多多中国人尊为自古以来最伟大的老师。或许他所传授的最重要的一个字就是“仁”, 也就是英文的 benevolence。根据孔子的说法, 仁的意思就是礼貌、忠贞以及无私。事实上, 仁是他教义的精髓。因此, 每个老师在教学时, 应效法孔子并强调仁的道理。