Man's Best Friend

The dog is man's best friend. He can do many things for us. He can protect our homes. He can guide the blind. He is loyal to his master and never asks for a pay raise.
  The dog has also made many contributions to English. For example, if there were no dogs, how could a husband tell his wife her cooking tastes like dog food? How could the weatherman say, "It's raining cats and dogs?" So the next time a dog lifts a leg to your bicycle, don't kick him. Bend down and say, "Take your time."

  狗还对英文有许多的贡献。举例来说, 如果没有狗的话, 做丈夫的如何告诉他太太她煮的菜吃起来像狗食?气象播报员又如何能用猫和狗来表示雨下得很大呢?因此下次有狗对你的自行车抬腿撒尿时, 可别踢它。要弯下腰对它说:“慢慢来。”