Discovering Africa

David Livingstone was a doctor and explorer from Scotland. He is famous for traveling 29,000 miles in Africa during the 19th century. He discovered many rivers, lakes and mountains, including the Victoria Falls, the biggest waterfall in the world. Most of all, he is highly respected because he helped to abolish slave trade in Africa.

  戴维‧李文斯顿是来自苏格兰的医生及探险家。他于十九世纪在非洲旅行了二万九千英里而声名大噪。他发现了许多河流、湖泊和山峦, 包括世界上最大的瀑布 ── 维多利亚瀑布。更重要的是, 他因促成废除非洲的奴隶买卖而备受尊敬。