Australia is a unique country. It's the world's largest island, but it's also the world's smallest continent. In fact, Australia is the only country that is also a continent. It's about the size of the United States, but it has a population of only 16.5 million. If it sounds like an interesting place to visit, that's because it is.

  澳大利亚是一个非常独特的国家。它是世界上最大的岛, 但它也是世界上最小的洲。事实上, 澳大利亚是唯一也是个洲的国家。它大约与美国一样大, 但它的人口却只有一千六百五十万。如果它听起来像是个值得走访的好去处的话, 那是因为它的确是个值得走访的好去处。