The Secret of Longevity

Hong Ying, who comes from Guangdong, is known as the oldest person in China. She is 122 years old. Although she can hardly hear, her voice is loud and clear. In fact, she is still full of life. What's the secret of her longevity? Maybe it's her personality. According to her family and friends, she is humorous and easy to get along with.

  籍贯广东的洪英(译音)是中国众所周知最长寿的老人。她现年一百二十二岁。虽然她几乎听不见, 但她的声音宏亮又清晰。事实上, 她仍充满了生命力。她长寿的秘诀是什么呢?也许在于她的个性。据她的家人和朋友说, 她很幽默也容易相处。