Billy's Goal in Life

Some people have goals in life. For these people it is important to achieve their goals. As for my brother Billy, his goal in life is to make people happy. He tries to accomplish this by being a good student and an obedient son. In this way, he is able to give joy to those who are dearest to him ── his teachers and his family. It's too bad we don't all have goals like Billy.

  有些人的人生有目标。对这些人来说, 达到他们的目标是很重要的。至于我哥哥比利, 他人生的目标是让别人快乐。他设法以做一名好学生和乖儿子来完成这个目标。这样一来, 他就能将快乐给予跟他最亲的人 ── 也就是他的老师和家人。令人遗憾的是, 并不是所有的人都像比利一样有人生目标。