Global Warming

Have you noticed that it's getting warmer and warmer every year? To put it simply, that's because of air pollution. Scientists tell us that because of air pollution, the earth's heat cannot escape. This is known as global warming. If this situation is allowed to continue, it will just keep getting hotter and hotter. Then, can you imagine what will happen? We should all, therefore, do our part to stop polluting the air and help save the world.

  你有没有注意到天气一年比一年变得还要暖和了呢?简言之, 那是因为空气污染的缘故。科学家告诉我们由于空气污染, 地球的热气无法散出去。这就是为人所知的全球变暖。如果我们任由这种情形一直持续下去, 地球就会变得越来越热。那么, 你能想象会发生什么事吗?因此, 我们全都应该尽一己之力来防止污染空气并拯救地球。