Studying Seriously

John has been trying to learn how to play the guitar. He has been taking lessons for half a year. However, he hasn't been studying seriously. He has only been going to his lessons every now and then. Moreover, he seldom practices. On the other hand, his cousin, Tim, has been playing the guitar for about three months. He plays much better than John. Tim isn't more talented than John, though. He is just more determined.

  约翰一直在学吉他。他去上课已有半年了。不过,他并不是很认真地在学。他只是偶尔才去上一次课。而且他很少练习。另一方面, 他的表哥蒂姆学吉他只有三个月左右。他弹奏得要比约翰好多了。然而蒂姆并不比约翰有天份,他只是更有决心而已。