A Balanced Diet

Some people eat to live, but there are others who live to eat. To live a long and healthy life, we must learn to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet simply means a bit of everything. A diet which includes meat, fish, vegetables and fruit is, of course, ideal. If you watch your diet, then you won't have to suffer the pain of going on a diet.

  有些人吃东西为的是要生存, 但也有些人生存为的是要吃东西。为了要过着长寿而又健康的生活, 我们必须懂得吃均衡的饮食。均衡饮食指的就是每样东西都吃一点点。有肉、有鱼、有蔬菜和水果的饮食当然是最理想的。如果你注意饮食, 那么你就不须受节食之苦。