Asking for Directions

Being in an unfamiliar city can be frightening. And finding an address can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  Don't get angry. Just ask someone for directions. However, city people usually give directions very quickly. You may find it difficult to follow what they're saying. Therefore, you'd better draw the route on a map as you're listening to the directions.

  置身于一个不熟悉的城市里可能是件令人害怕的事, 而寻找一个地址也可能像是大海捞针一样。
  别发火。只要去找人问路就好了。不过, 城市人通常在指引方向时话说得很快。你也许会发现要了解他们的话很困难。因此, 当你在听方向指示时, 最好在地图上画上路线。