Television Addiction

Television provides us with a wide range of information and entertainment. However, it's a pity that it may also have a bad influence on young minds. For instance, some TV shows have too much violence and crime. These programs may lead youngsters astray.It is easy for students to become addicted to the excitement of these programs and neglect their homework. Parents must, therefore, keep an eye on what their children watch.

  电视给我们提供广泛的信息和娱乐。不过, 遗憾的是, 它也会对年轻人的思想有不良的影响。举例来说, 有些电视节目有太多的暴力和犯罪。这样的节目可能使年轻人误入歧途。学生很容易沉溺于这些刺激的节目中而忽视了他们的功课。因此, 父母们应该留意孩子所看的电视节目。