Seven Years' Bad Luck

I have a very superstitious friend called Mack. He thinks that if he breaks a mirror, he will have seven years' bad luck. As a result, Mack doesn't have any mirrors in his house. But not all superstitions are about bad luck. For instance, Mack also believes that if he drops his chopsticks, someone will invite him to dinner. So, Mack is always dropping his chopsticks and waiting for an invitation.

  我有个非常迷信的朋友名叫麦克。他认为他若打破镜子, 他将会有七年的背运。因此, 麦克的屋子里什么镜子也没有。不过, 并非所有的迷信都与背运有关。举例来说, 麦克也相信他若把筷子掉下去, 就会有人请他吃晚餐。因此, 麦克总是把筷子掉下去, 然后等着别人来邀请。