Van Gogh

It cannot be denied that Van Gogh was a great artist. However, he was considered an outcast by other artists of his time. Many of his most famous paintings were painted at a time when he was isolated by society. Today these paintings are admired as masterpieces, and are sold for large sums of money. Clearly, it was Van Gogh's destiny to be a painter.

  不可否认, 梵高是位伟大的艺术家。不过, 他那个时代的其它艺术家都认为他是个被社会所排斥的人。他许多最有名的画都是在他被社会孤立时所画的。今天这些画被赞为杰作, 卖价甚高。显然梵高命中注定要做个画家。