Dealing with Exams

Examinations are an important part of every student's life. Students must, therefore, know how to deal with them. There are three important things a student must do to get ready for an exam. First, he must work out a study plan. Second, he must always keep his mind fresh by setting aside some time for exercise. And last but not least, he must review what he has studied at least three times. After all, success can only be achieved through hard work.

  考试是每位学生生活中重要的一部分。因此,学生必须知道如何应付考试。学生在准备考试时有三件大事必须做。首先, 他必须制定一个学习计划。其次, 他必须拨出时间来运动以保持头脑清楚。最后也是相当重要的就是, 他必须把念过的书至少复习三遍。毕竟, 唯有经由努力才能获致成功。