An Accident

Sally and her husband, Jack, have both been driving for three years. Jack has always driven very carefully. He has never been in an accident. Sally, however, has never been a good driver. She has already gotten into four accidents this year. Each time she has had an accident, she has claimed that it was not her fault. Yesterday, Sally drove into a tree. She blamed it on the tree, saying that she honked the horn, but the tree didn't get out of the way.

  萨莉和她丈夫杰克两人开车已有三年了。杰克开车总是很小心, 他从未发生过事故。然而, 萨莉就一直不是个好驾驶员。她今年已经出过四次车祸了。每次她发生事故, 她总是宣称那不是她的错。昨天萨莉撞到一棵树, 她把她的错归罪于那棵树, 她说她按了喇叭, 但那棵树就是不让路。